terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012

Para ouvir: Brain Police (download)


Eles são da Islândia!!! Choquei... hauahauah
Banda fodona, que descobri do nada, de stoner, southern, recomendadissíma!!
No myspace deles na bio:

"We come from the land of ice and snow..." Based in Reykjavik Iceland Brain Police is fueled by a desire to play dirty, kick ass rock and roll; BP honed their skills and began assaulting the local touring circuit. Brain Police took to the road and watched their fan-base grow as they established respect in every town across Iceland. Brain Police have shared the stage with many of the most talented and respected bands in the world, such as Mastadon, Alabama thunderpussy and Metallica The band has been touring since 1998 in Iceland and has released 4 studio albums,in 2005 they embarked on their first mini tour outside of Iceland. BP hit Germany whit 4 shows and Sweden whit 2 shows on the first go. Returned to Germany in 2006 with great success and played 10 shows in site's such as Berlin, Cologne(Koln), Chemnits and few more. For 2007 Brain Police hit the road again and played Stoned from the Underground festival in Germany and did a three week tour around Europe with Swedish rockers Dozer Brain Police have a record deal with Icelandic label "Sena" but it is for Iceland only and for the rest of the world, in 2007 BP signed with Detroit..s finest Small Stone Records Resume: 1999 The first record out "Glacier Sun" 2003 Released self titled second album "Brain Police" 2004 summer: opened up for Giant veteran rockers Metallica in the biggest show ever held in Iceland, a record breaking 18.000 attendance. 2004 fall: released third album "Electric Fungus" 2005 Tour Germany and Sweden and open up for Alice Cooper 2006 Release fourth album"Beyond the Wasteland" and tour Germany again. Acts which we have shared the stage with: Alice Cooper, Alabama Thunderpussy,Mastodon,Metallica,Dozer, Circus Jim Rose,NOFX,Hell is for Heroes,Gojira,and many more Rewards: X-id radio awards 2003 : Winner for best band, best singer, best song Icelandic music awards 2004 and 2005 Nominee for Best live performance, Album of the year, singer of the year and best album design. Radio hits in Icelandic national radio,songs that reached to number one: Jacuzzi Suzy, Rocket Fuel and Taste the Flower from "Brain Police" Coed Fever and Mr. Dolly from "Electric Fungus" Rooster Booster, The Baron and Thunderbird From "Beyond the Wasteland"

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